Go Forth and Do Great Things: My Husband’s Liberation From Comfort

Who gives up a 6 figure job? Who just walks away from a job that treats you like family, that’s located a block from home? Who walks out of comfort, and steps into the unknown, with kids to feed, and bills to pay? My husband. That’s who. To say he’s burnt out is an understatement. Not of the job itself…but of the lifestyle of working for someone else. One of the things that attracted me to my husband some 16 years ago was his liberated spirit.

Even though the Federal Government owned us for a few years on Active Duty in the Army, no one really owned him, and that’s what I loved about him. He was a rebel. A unique, wild, Texan boy that did what he wanted, and lived life on the edge. Fast forward into our marriage 16 years later, and it was a completely different tale.

Wine Moms : How This Trend is Encouraging Alcohol Use Disorder and What You Can Do About It

Seems to me everywhere I look I see that some form of Mom happy hour is happening. Wine is the new most popular drink of choice. The self-indulging of wine at the end of a rough day may be harmless to some. To those of us with alcohol use disorders, it is playing with fire.

Love Languages Decoded: How One Book Helped Save My Marriage

Today I’m celebrating my 15th Valentine’s Day  with my forever Valentine, my husband. If that makes you want to gag, sorry, not sorry! We have fought really hard through tough times to have what we have now, and I’m really proud of our relationship. To give you a picture of the fight and resiliency our […]