Spiritual Fatigue and the Trifecta of Self

Ever been the kind of tired where every heartbeat wears you out? That’s how I’m feeling this week. Each lub and dub of the heart seems to wean me of the energy needed to get through the day. Which begs the question…am I getting sick? I’ve felt this way before, but it’s really rare that I’m so lethargic. Suddenly I remember…well shit. This isn’t a physical tired at all. My soul is tired. My spirit is tired.

Symptoms of spiritual fatigue include:

  1. Heart fatigue. It literally drains my energy just to beat (no, It’s not a heart condition, I’ve seen a specialist for it because I’m kind of hypochondriac anyway).
  2. Sleepiness that a nap doesn’t fix. (Yes, I had my thyroid checked too. That ain’t it.)
  3. Withdraw of communication with a higher power. Well. Shit. When was the last time I talked to Jesus?
  4. Heavy mood. The media is a buzz with bad news. The husband has been pissing me off. The kids continue to test me and it’s only the second week of summer. FML…this mood is heavy as hell and I can’t shake it.
  5. Lack of self-care. I ain’t talking about a nice little workout. I’m talking about a good ole fashioned take that mood and wrestle it to the ground with that higher power kind of self-care here.

Check out this article I found on how to recover from spiritual fatigue in just one day by Good Life Zen, here.

According to them, with spiritual fatigue you may feel droopy, exhausted, dry, joyless, irritated or anxious. You might feel like life is sometimes on fast-forward, and you can’t catch up, and you might sometimes be too tired to be inspired, motivated, or uplifted.

All of these symptoms, when untreated lead to relapse. While I’m generally good at taking care of my body and mind, my poor little soul often goes undetected until I’m up shit creek, and it’s tired as hell. Think of the self as a triad if you will.

Good Life Zen offers the following advice for defeating spiritual fatigue:

1. Rest the body

2. Find the mind of peace.

3. Let silence heal you.

4. Have a laugh with friends. (My two cents: Or with you tube)

5. Reconnect with nature.

6. Use your comfort rituals. (i.e. self-care)

7. Use touch for wholeness

The self is a trifecta that when in balance, is capable of changing the world. But when one of the elements is neglected, it’s capable of self-destruction. Consider this your friendly little reminder to keep the mind, body, and yes that thing you call a soul in balance.

black and white trees winter branches

Stay sober my friends!


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