Sober Soaps!


The Launching of Sober Soaps

I’m rolling into my 4thyear alcohol free, and 17thyear club drug and hydrocodone free. I’ve been sober long enough to know how important it is to give back to the recovery community. I’ve also been sober long enough to form some healthy hobbies. While many of my hobbies include extreme activities, soap making is one hobby that brings me back down to earth. I’ve decided to use this mindful activity to share the inspiration of getting, and staying clean with others in recovery.

So, my mission is that with every bar purchased I will donate a bar to those in need at a rehab facility, sober home, etc. I’m hoping that my desire to inspire others to get and stay clean will create a movement in the recovery community. Maybe, just maybe, with enough clean time, others will find their useful sober hobby, and pay the concept forward.


How does one go about ordering these Sober Soaps you ask? 

Sober Soaps can only be obtained through a $20 donation to my gofundme page for now found here (or at the link at the bottom of my page).

I’m looking to benefit the community of The Recovery Haven (Instagram Community found here and my Blog ) by attending a She Recovers event in Los Angeles

The funds will go to the registration fee and the hotel room for the weekend. I need the funds by the end of June as space is filling quickly.

I’m using my creativity here and everyone who donates ($20 or above) will get a handcrafted bar of soap sent to them, as well as have one donated to a local recovery center – thereby inspiring others to get and stay clean!

Current Available Soap Options:
1. Black Charcoal Face Soap (has an organic base, activated charcoal, tea tree oil, and chamomile)
2. Lavender Swirl Body Soap (has a shae butter base, activated charcoal swirls, and lavender oil)
3. Rose Swirl Body Soap (has a goat milk base, activated charcoal swirls, and rose oil)
4. Charcoal Swirl Body Soap (has a shae butter base, activated charcoal swirl, tea tree oil, chamomile, and sweet orange oil)
Designs will vary. Custom made in small batches in my kitchen 😌.

Your support means the world to me, as we are but one community. I am forever grateful for your help!

Thanks and Stay Sober My Friends!



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