Celebrating my 4th Soberversary: 40 Things I’ve Accomplished Since Quitting Drinking

A soberversary is the anniversary of the last day that you used a substance. Yes, I make up words. I’m a writer. I totally do that. Anyway, I have officially hit 4 years sober from alcohol and I couldn’t be happier than I am to celebrate that with you! This is a big deal y’all. […]

Getting Back on the F*cking Horse: When Ego and Impulse Overwhelm the Desire to Write

So I haven’t written in about a month. In the meantime, I’ve strung some words along on my Instagram to get them out there in the world. As a new freelance writer, I started out really heavy. I hit all the top blogs and wrote some really great pieces. I’ve been published on multiple sites, […]