Go Forth and Do Great Things: My Husband’s Liberation From Comfort

Who gives up a 6 figure job? Who just walks away from a job that treats you like family, that’s located a block from home? Who walks out of comfort, and steps into the unknown, with kids to feed, and bills to pay? My husband. That’s who. To say he’s burnt out is an understatement. Not of the job itself…but of the lifestyle of working for someone else. One of the things that attracted me to my husband some 16 years ago was his liberated spirit.

Even though the Federal Government owned us for a few years on Active Duty in the Army, no one really owned him, and that’s what I loved about him. He was a rebel. A unique, wild, Texan boy that did what he wanted, and lived life on the edge. Fast forward into our marriage 16 years later, and it was a completely different tale.

What I respect most about my husband is his dedication and loyalty to our family. He put his military career on hold for us. He’s worked backbreaking jobs that he was over qualified for just to provide for us. This last job he had was respectable, and he made the shop really good money, and created a comfortable life for us where I was able to make my kids my full time job while pursuing a respectable education and part time work in mental health. For that, I am so indebted.

What happened though, is he sacrificed that liberated spirit, and instead became a slave to comfort.

For many, comfort may be the ultimate goal. Not with this family though. We both know that “life begins outside your comfort zone.” We spent the first year of marriage in a combat zone as Military Police. We know how to thrive in the discomfort of the unknown, we just forgot how to for awhile. I must admit, It feels really good to be back in the discomfort zone.

Our decision was for him to start his own business. With the blessing of God I know he’s going to do something truly epic with his experience and personality. The best part of all of this, is watching Jesus move through him in the process of change.

Trust me when I say we’re not some bible banging weirdos.

We don’t take our kids on mission trips. We take them to the crudest of cities and find Jesus there. They’ve been to Bourbon Street, and to the Vegas Strip with us. When the time comes for them to go out into the world and be an example of Jesus with skin on, they will not fear the lost, the broken, the mentally ill, or the homeless. When I say we are most comfortable being uncomfortable, it’s true in all aspects of our lives, not just our careers or marriage.

I began to believe in Jesus when I found myself in recovery 8 years ago. Our marriage was in the dumps, I was talking divorce. We both picked up bad habits to cope with our own issues through the years. What I didn’t know was that under all the medicating of my pain with poor behavioral choices and alcohol, was that I had this thing called a soul wound. I allowed Jesus in my heart to help heal that wound, and the rest of our marriage recovery is history. My husband is a believer too, but his story is for him to tell. I can only state what I observe, which is God working through him, bringing other men to the cross without him even knowing it’s happening.

So, with this message, I wish the love of my life all the freedom, the liberation, the wild adventures he deserves. I believe in you babe, and I know you will do great things.

We got this next chapter in our lives. One day, we’ll look back at the novel we created and say “Holy, hell. What a ride!”



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