Sober Adventures: Colorado Trip

While I love living in the great state of Texas, winter here is pretty dull. 15 years ago my husband and I married in the winter. We’ve been griping about the winter anniversary ever since. Until this year…

I found some tickets online that were really cheap, so I said what the hell, why not. Let’s fly somewhere this year.We’ve gone local places before together without the kids for the anniversary, but this is the first time in 15 years we actually flew somewhere without them. It was glorious.

First stop was The Patterson Inn, located in the heart of Denver. did not disappoint on this one. I have been fascinated with Marie Antoinette since I was a young girl. So, naturally, I booked the Antoinette room. I felt like an absolute princess for the evening, it might have been one of the most romantic night of our lives together.

We awoke refreshed, and ready to ski. It would be quite an adventure, as neither of us has skied in 20 years. We drove to Loveland Ski Area in Dillon for this adventure. We were first humbled by arriving at the Basin, and we soon realized we belonged at the Valley instead (the beginners hill). Eventually, we learned skiing is much like riding a bike, and we mastered the lift, and the bunny hill once again.

After a day on the slopes, we headed to Frisco, CO. It’s every bit as fancy as the Frisco in Texas I might add. We stayed at the Frisco Inn, got up early as usual, and headed out in town to check the resale shops for our next adventure. Apparently it’s a sleepy, quaint little town because no one was open until at least 11am.

We headed to Leadville for our next stop…Dog Sledding. It wasn’t on the itinerary (who the hell needs one anyway?) but it ended up being our favorite activity. We booked with Alpine Adventures. It was absolutely amazing to see dogs doing what they were bred to do! A+ to these folks for their open kennel policy, and the living conditions of the pack were stellar.

The goal of the trip was to relax in the mountains. If you haven’t noticed yet, relaxing is not our strong suit! Anyway, we booked with Alpine Trail Ridge Inn  at Estes Park. Going from Leadville to Rocky Mountain National was no easy feat. We had to push through the elevation sickness along the route. The view though, was astounding and worth every gas pain.

Unbeknownst to us, Rocky Mountain National Park would not only be snowed in, but completely closed due to the Government Shutdown.

Oh, Hi there!

Our final leg of the tour was the trip to the airport. I got a text that our flight was delayed. No biggie. We caught a movie. Then we arrived to the airport, turned our vehicle in, and went to check our bag. The flight on Frontier was cancelled. It was then American Airlines to the rescue, bringing us home on time for a small fortune. At least they included leg room 🙂

Ah, well, at least I get some good quality juice and book time out of the cancellation and re booking.

Stay Sober My Friends.



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