DIY Letter Board


Letter Boards are hot right now! Why? Well…why not? They’re nostalgic, fun, and expressive.

Letter Boards are an easy to use platform to express yourself. I’ve see them used as pregnancy trackers, first year growth trackers for babies, poetry, humor, and even advertising.

I ordered mine from Widbi on Amazon for about $25.


First thing that’s strangely satisfying is separating all the letters from the packaging. Either you’ll love it or hate it. Just be sure you get as much excess plastic off as possible, as they show in high quality photos. I used scissors for a clean cut after twisting them off.


Next you want to make sure your spacing is correct or you’ll end up re arranging when you get finished. I counted the lines of the board, and how many lines each letter took, then did the math to figure how many lines to leave between each row of words. Who said you’d never use algebra again?


Next, make sure your words are evenly spaced along the row. One finger width between words should do the trick.

Finally, take fun photos of your creation. This is where advertisers make them pop! Some things to consider when photographing are lighting, props, background.

For lighting you want a bright location with as much natural light as possible. I did mine on an end table right in front of the window. When it comes to background, the simpler the better. If you check out products on Etsy you’ll notice one thing every shop has in common. A white backdrop for their products of course! Finally, props will make or break a good photo shoot. Make sure they are relevant and trendy. Personally, I like bright colors with the blank background for that extra pop. For more inspiration check out Pinterest.

How did my letter board inspiration come about? I kept seeing them pop up in my Pinterest and Instagram feed. I kept showing my teenager and she was not quite as amused as I. Probably because of my “mom jokes.” Commence eye roll.

Letter boards are a fun way to torture teens with “mom jokes” and even better yet, the infamous “dad jokes.” I like to keep mine in the same place in the living room and add a new joke on it often. She may put on a pretty good front, but I see my teen smirking in amusement every so often at our “mom and dad jokes.” At this age, I’ll take a half smile when I can get it.

Contact me with any questions and share your projects!

Stay sober my friends ❤️.


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