DIY Vision Board

With all this talk about New Year’s resolutions and the whole “New Year, New Me” jargon going around, I figure it’s time to set some goals to slay this year. I don’t do resolutions, and I believe I’m born new every day, so my solution to success in 2018 is to create a Vision Board.

What exactly is a vision board?

In my opinion, it’s a gathering of visual cues that connect with you and create feelings. The feelings they invoke should be inspiration, contentment, encouragement, excitement, or something similar. The idea is that if you visualize it, it will come. It is literally a board with your visions/goals/dreams on it. It can be a bulletin board, dry erase board, or a poster board (which is what I will be creating).pexels-photo-206563

According to Katherine Hurst in How to Visualize, “when we visualize our manifestation goal we elevate our frequency, bringing our energy in line with the thing we want to come into our lives.”

Here’s the key: “When you visualize, you refine and improve your mental conception of what you’re trying to manifest—you have the chance to locate and remove any conflicting vibrations that may be confusing the Universe about what you really want.” -Hurst

My vision is all over the place! How do I get started?

If you’re anything like me, simply sitting with your eyes closed and visualizing the first thing that pops up will include some very boring visions of to do lists, calendars, chores, etc. If you gotta get in the mood, you have to be mindful. For more information on mindfulness, look here: Nature is my Dope. 


Let’s Do This.

1) Gather Supplies:

  • Board (Poster, Foam, Bulletin, Dry Erase (your choice!)
  • Pens, Markers, etc.
  • Glue stick
  • Washi Tape
  • Magazines
  • Letter, Word, or Picture Cutouts
  • Ruler…or not…(if you live on the edge)


2) Visualize

Get in your mindful environment. Set a timer for 5 minutes.

3) Write those visualizations down.


4) Create those visualizations.


5) Hang the vision board in a comfortable location where you can pause and reflect or meditate in the future.


Here’s my finished board. It’s colorful and slightly tacky, just the way I like it 🙂 The key is to keep the process simple, and the art wonderful. When I closed my eyes I visualized the best version of me. What energy did she give off?

I speak into the universe that my words will be heard around the world this year, that I will be published. I declare that my balance will be defined by christ above all, marriage at the center of my heart, and that I will lead my children as a pineapple woman (one that stands tall, carries a crown, but remains sweet on the inside). I declare victory over fear, over social anxiety. I will travel once a month. Maybe not to some far off distant place, but somewhere new. Finally, I believe the mission for my husband and I will be revealed this year.

Now to sit patiently in the wait…tick tock…

Stay sober my friends!





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