Nature is my Dope. 

Nature is my dope. There’s something about shimmying up a tree trunk, swinging my feet around a limb, and just climbing to the perfect little perch. It’s like all the branches were put there at the perfect distance from each other just for me to explore the wonders of nature. While I’m a little older and busy adulting, all I really want to do is get outside and climb a tree.

Nature is my serenity. It’s where I hear God. I hear his spirit speaking to me through the birds…through the insects…through the frogs. I hear the Holy Spirit speak to me through the running creek bed, through the wind in the leaves, and through the silence.

When I see a flower I can’t help but think my creator put it there just for me. I notice even the smallest of petals and appreciate its delicate beauty. Tiny blossoms spring forth messages of new life.

The forest is a magical place. The barrage of shades of greens and browns overwhelm my senses, as I decipher all the different shapes and textures the forest flora has the offer me.

The smell of the freshly oxygenated air takes me someplace else entirely. I notice the bark on the trees…the moss….the twigs. The nuts…the berries….all strategically placed amongst the trees to provide nourishment to the forest critters.

The sky is a reminder of heavenly realms. There are clouds and light and all I can imagine are chubby little cherubs…greeting all who enter heavens gates. The expansive blue sky calms my nerves and resets my soul onto greater things….like purpose.

For a brief time, we are all connected; God, the earth, and I. Nature is mindful and the mind is full in nature.


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