When Jesus says “I Got Your Back” 

Yesterday I experienced the grace of God. I’m not talking about the touchy, feely, grace. I’m talking about the kind that startles you. I’m talking about the grace that left me with my mouth open whispering “WTF…..”

Yesterday was my last day at home. I won’t be back for over two weeks so I was determined to make the most of it. I asked my husband if I could bring him anything for lunch. I ended up deciding on pizza, which meant I would have to walk in the rain from the car to the store. Ugh. First world problems right?

I managed to get the pizza without drowning in the rain. Everything was looking fine, despite the downpour. I was approaching an intersection. The light turned yellow and I decided I should stop so I did. I was the first in my lane facing the intersection. The left green arrow light on the opposite side sent the traffic facing me across the intersection. One guy was not so fortunate and didn’t make it through the intersection.

Next thing I know he coming at me, full force, skidding sideways. He had no control of the vehicle. He couldn’t turn. He couldn’t brake. His 2,000 pound vehicle was now a trajectory and I was the target.

I remember thinking “well…shit.” There was nothing I could do. If I drove forward he would hit me or I would hit someone else in the intersection. I couldn’t go right because there was a car parallel to me. I couldn’t go left into oncoming traffic either. I was stuck.

I was bracing for impact when the screeching of the tires stopped. There was a scraping sound but no thud. I opened my eyes to see this guys vehicle 3 feet from my front bumper. He had slid sideways onto the median to my left. His car was perched on the median with no wheels touching the ground. I sat, dumbfounded, and watched for a minute.

The airbags didn’t deploy, and I could see he was angry. He hit the steering wheel a half a dozen times, screamed some curse words, and threw his hands in the air. I get it. I’ve been there. I waited a minute for him to settle, put on the flashers and approached him. He was clearly upset, but did not need medical assistance and didn’t need me to call anyone. I went about my day.

The next intersection I was faced with a potential disaster of another sort. I was the second vehicle in line this time with a ditch to my right, and a vehicle to my left. Immediately in front of me was what appeared to be a uniform truck. You know, the trucks that drive around to businesses and pick up and drop off uniforms.

The driver let off the brake, and the back door of the truck flung open. A rack of freshly laundered uniforms was to the right and directly in front of me was a huge laundry cart full of dirty uniforms. The truck inched forward and the cart started sliding my way. My jaw dropped and all I could do was mouth “WTF?”

As much fun as it would have been explaining this collision to my insurance company, fortunately I didn’t get the chance. The cart jammed between the door and the clothes rack to the right, just in time for me to inch past on the right hand side of the shoulder.

Two thoughts occurred to me next. First, I realized I was supposed to be making this trip out of town. There were two opportunities to make it a complete disaster and they didn’t stop me. Second, I realized my Daddy was watching.

I gave thanks to Jesus for being there with me and gave thanks to God (Daddy) for protecting me. It was like there was a force around me that day that was impenetrable. If I let my imagination take control I can see a forcefield around my vehicle and my lord watching over….but let’s not go there. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

I began this post by talking about God’s grace. Maybe it’s a better example of his mercy, but I was left with a overwhelming sense of grace when all was said and done. After the second incident I pulled over (sorry for the cold pizza, hun). I began crying. I haven’t cried in a while. I thanked Jesus for being there with me. I thanked God for allowing me to go on about my day without any injuries or inconveniences. I prayed for the angry guy, and for the negligent uniform delivery workers. Certainly they were praying for mercy.

I cried because I don’t deserve the grace of God, but he keeps coming through. I haven’t been attending church. I haven’t been doing devotional time like I should. I haven’t even prayed in quite some time. God came through anyway.

God reminded me that I can’t earn his love and attention. He reminded me that no matter how distant I am, he is right there beside me. Just when I needed it most, Jesus said “I got your back.”

Critics can call it coincidence. They can look at the science of each situation and justify why I escaped both situations unscathed. That’s fine, but that’s not how I choose to live my life.

A big part of any recovery journey is having a belief system in a higher power. I don’t know about you or your journey, but my higher power is a constant reminder of how vulnerable I am. It is a reminder of how easy it is to slip off the path. Most importantly it’s a reminder that Grace wins. Every. Single. Time.

Current view:

Stay sober my friends!


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